Advantages and disadvantages of kraft paper bags

Products packaged with kraft paper materials are very common in our lives, such as melon seed bags, candy bags, coffee bags, hand-grabbing cake bags, document bags, pet food bags, and popcorn bags.
In the past two years, with the global prevalence of "anti-plastic" wind, products packaged with kraft paper have become more and more popular among consumers, and kraft paper has become the first choice for more and more enterprises' product packaging. Even big brands like McDonald's, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. have begun to use high-quality kraft paper bags to replace plastic shopping bags. The reason, what is the reason why kraft paper bags are so favored by consumers and dealers?
We know that kraft paper usually has three colors, one is brown, the second is bleached of light brown, and the third is full-bleached of white.

The advantages of kraft paper bags:
1. Environmental performance of kraft paper bags. Today, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, kraft paper is non-toxic and tasteless, the difference is that kraft paper is non-polluting and can be recycled.
2. The printing performance of kraft paper bags. The special color of kraft paper is its characteristic. Moreover, the kraft paper bag does not need full-page printing, just simple lines can outline the beauty of the product pattern, and the packaging effect is better than that of plastic packaging. At the same time, the printing cost of the kraft paper bag is greatly reduced, and the production cost and production cycle of its packaging are also reduced.
3. Processing properties of kraft paper bags. Compared with shrink film, kraft paper bag has certain cushioning performance, anti-drop performance, better stiffness, and the mechanical parts of product processing have good cushioning performance, which is convenient for compound processing.

The disadvantages of kraft paper bags:
The main disadvantage of kraft paper bags is that they cannot encounter water. The kraft paper that encounters water is softened, and the entire kraft paper bag is softened by water.
Therefore, the place where the bag is stored must be kept ventilated and dry, and plastic bags do not have this problem. .Another small disadvantage is that if the kraft paper bag is to be printed with rich and delicate patterns, it will not achieve that effect. Because the surface of the kraft paper is relatively rough, there will be uneven ink when the ink is printed on the surface of the kraft paper. Therefore, compared with plastic packaging bags, the printing patterns of plastic packaging bags are relatively delicate. Hongming Packaging believes that if the items packaged in the packaging bag are liquid, the packaging material should not be made of kraft paper. Of course, if must use kraft paper suggest to use the lamination that avoid the liquid touch to the paper directly.

Post time: Sep-21-2022